Price list of apartments and rooms Olimian

Cena na dan sezona A 4.1-23.12
Price per day season A 4.1-23.12
Cena na dan sezona B 25.12.-3.1.
Price per day season B 25.12-3.1
Najem apartmaja na dan
Rent an apartment daily
**** 130€ 160€
Najem standardne sobe na dan za dve osebi
Rent a standard room per day for two people
**** 80 € 110€
Dnevni počitek 3 ure na sobo na dan (dve osebi) v standardni sobi
Daily rest 3 hours per room per day (two people) in a
standard room
**** 50€ 50€
Najem sobe prestige za dve osebi na dan
Rent a prestige room per day for two people
**** 210€ 240€
Dnevni počitek v sobi Prestige, 3 ure (2 osebi)
Daily rest in the Prestige room, 3 hours (2 persons)
**** 150€ 150€
Zajtrk na osebo (košarica domačih bio dobrot)
Breakfast per person (basket of homemade bio
**** 10€ 10€
Dodatno čiščenje apartmaja na željo gosta
Cleaning apartment at guest's request
**** 50€ 50€
Dodatno čiščenje sobe na željo gosta
Cleaning room at guest's request
**** 10€ 10€
Turistična taksa odrasli na osebo/noč
Tourist tax – adults per person / per night
  2,50€ 2,50€
Turistična taksa otroci od 7 do18 let na osebo/noč
Tourist tax – children aged 7 to 18 per person/per night
  1,25€ 1,25€
Tur taksa otroci do 7 let
Tourist tax children from 0- 7 years
  0€ 0€
Turistična invalidi
Tourist tax for disabled people
  0€ 0€
Pozen odhod iz apartmaja ali sobe
Late departure from the apartment or room
  40€ 40€
Cena zajtrka po osebi na dan
Breakfast price per person per day
  10€ 10€

The prices depends of the season.
All listed rates are in EUR and include 9.5% VAT.
Rates apply from 1.1.2021.
We reserve the right to change our rates without special announcement.

Cultural and other interesting sights closeby

Olimje is known for its serenity and beauty that directs the person on a search for a healthy mind and body. We would like to intruduce you some of the interesting sights in the closeby area:

  • Franciscan Monastery Olimje - distance 1,2 km
  • Thermal Spas Olimia - distance 3,6 km
  • Chocolatier Olimje - distance 1,2 km
  • Cottage at the Witch - distance 2,5 km
  • Brewery and Restaurant - distance 300 m
  • Guest House "Jelenov Greben" - distance 1,5 km